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Save Money
Publish your events for free.
Process payments 24/7
Simplify communications
Reach all your riders in one click.
Share events, times, start orders and results
Save Time
Manage all the details of your event from one central location.
keep everything under control
Manage your event
Managing an event does not have to be a challenge anymore! Our tools have been designed to make your life easier so that you can concentrate in delivering an unforgettable experience for your clients.

Multitask from one single control panel that allows you to create, publish and promote your events with minimal or no financial outlay. Easily manage entry information with multiple reports at any point in time, produce times, start lists and results.

Keep control of your finances at all times accepting payments 24/7 with a dedicated Monkey who does not need sleep.
save time
Times and Start lists
To keep you in control our event summary gives you a quick overview of how long each class will take to run. You can even manage the day over multiple arenas.

Keeping everyone happy, for us this starts with you! To help you have a little bit of fun at work, we have colour coded clashes, you can easily drag, drop and move or add breaks for judges and prize givings.

Good communication is vital to the smooth running of your event so we have made the task of sharing times with riders really easy. At the click of a button, everyone who entered online gets notified and you can also make the order of the day visible to everyone else online.
improve communications
Live Results
Provide instant gratification to your clients by processing and publishing results as soon as they are produced. Monkey will automatically rank the riders in position as results are processed.

Our flexible tool allows you to manage classes, arenas and days independently so you can make only the classes you want to visible. Post results on location using our full screen view, share via our app or and with everyone else online.

More importantly do it just once. You results can be used to report back to associations we work with and in some cases even update automatically.
Top 10 reasons to start with Horse Monkey
Our goal is to deliver value to our client through a high quality product and unrivaled services.
Our tools and services have been carefully designed to address your needs
Easy to manage
Safe and secure. World class security SSL Certified and PCI compliant through Stripe
Reach your clients in one click, keeping them informed will help them feel more confident on the day.
Super friendly, horse loving event savvy team of Monkeys always at hand to help.
Detailed Reports
Quickly access too all your records, event history and entries processed.
Horse Monkey has been design to fit adapt to your needs, no matter how small or big your events maybe.
Monkey simply works, all you have to worry about is making your clients feel welcomed.
Just in time
Every transaction and action processed automatically updates keeping you and your team informed.
Unlimited access, let your clients process bookings even when you sleep.
Secure Payments by Stripe
Payments go directly to you and you have access to full detailed reports to keep your accountant happy.
How to sign up
On-line registration
Take a few minutes
to fill our registration form
Personal Support
We get in touch to make sure
you are off to a great start.
Upload events
Set up your calendar and start promoting your events
Entries and payments
Watch entries start rolling in.
Notifications with each booking!
We love our partners
Our partners love us
"Horse Monkey brought a non-IT person into the 21st century. Within a matter of minutes I had the confidence to use it for all our times and found it so straight forward. Competitions are organised in a fraction of the time, 'Live' results have an enormous benefit on the day keeping everyone informed and eases the load on the scorers 'on the day' giving the riders instant information. I was impressed at how exceptionally user friendly it was. I felt I had a friend at the end of the line never making me feel silly at some of the questions I had to ask in the beginning"
Margaret Parker - Rockrose Sport Centre
"I have used Horse Monkey since September 2015. Online entries and running the shows are a breeze with Horse Monkey.I have found the support is second to none and would recommend Horse Monkey to everyone running shows for an uncomplicated system which was easy to learn and WORKS! My competitors love it too, they are able to enter and see their Dressage Times and Results all from their smart phones."
Jean Clark - Eaglesfield Equestrian Centre
"Horse Monkey system has made my job so much easier. I am totally amazed by how much time I now have to do other work, taking the entries by post and email was very time consuming also doing all the card payments. Horse Monkey is so efficient and so easy to use. One of the biggest differences has been for dressage competitions where the system for results is fantastic. I would like to highly recommend the team at Horse Monkey for their professional approach, patience and helpfulness, to other show centres"
Eileen Denholm - Morris Equestrian Centre
Transparent Pricing
We give you the choice to absorb or share with your clients
* Prices and Terms Apply from 1st of January 2018
Horse Monkey Service Fee
per transaction paid by Competitors

£ 1.25 + VAT per transaction
* Flat Fee

Payment Processing
Securely Provided by
Event Management Pricing
Adaptable pricing,
the most sensible way to suit your needs.
£ 50.00
per month
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long does it take to get setup and started?
It takes only a couple of minutes. You complete the contact form above and we do the rest. We even call you to make sure you have the account that best suits you needs and get you started.
How Much does it cost for us to use Horse Monkey?
You decide how much or how little you pay! There are three different fees to take into account. Our Service, Payment and Management fees. (Management Fees only apply to our Professional Module)
How do the Service and Payment Fees works?
We a fixed Service Fee Per transaction paid by Competitors or Spectators booking the event. We work with Stripe to securely process payments which ensures you are in total control of your finances.
How do the management fees work?
The Basic Management Plan is FREE. You only pay for our services when you upgrade to have access to our Professional features the cost is of £50.00 per month.
Can you provide discount for our members?
Yes! We give you the ability to provide discounts on entries and services. All you need to have is a list of Membership Numbers.
Can Horse Monkey be used for any type of Equestrian Event?
Absolutely! From entries for competitions of all disciplines to tickets for talks. You can get very creative.

Do we have to send you our events to be uploaded?
No it is not necessary. Our user friendly platform puts you in full control of your events. We are here to help if you need us.
Can I set up my events in various locations and venues?
Yes you can! We work with several organisers that use multiple venues and manage all their events with us.
How funds reach me?
Once your Stripe account has been connected to Horse Monkey, payments are directly transferred to your account. No need to wait!
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